1 of the most famous bodybuilders of his generation Sergio Nubret was a strong advocate of intermittent fasting way back before it was popular. Sergio Nubret a new fantastic physical structure and whether he built that body using steroid drugs is not the question here, what his dietary methods were are.

Incredible Body

Sergio Nubret was famous not simply for having an impeccable physique; he was also famous for his type of nutrition. He ate such as a lion in the African wild. No, he or she didn't go around chasing after zebra and antelope. He or she simply ate one gargantuan meal every day and the remainder of the day he fasted. Essentially hat having been practicing was spotty fasting. He had a window where he would eat his meal and a window in which he wouldn't.

Can you emulate him using intermittent fasting?

If he built such an impressive physique by using a one meal a day method, surely you can tap into your genetic potential for bodybuilding using an sporadic fasting model of 2-3 or even 4 meals per day. It's quite easy to fit 3-4 dishes a day into an eight hour eating period. For example, if your eating window starts at 12pm, hodgetwins you could have your first meal at 12pm, your second at 3pm your third at 6pm and your next at 8pm. It's fairly much the same as eating every 2-3 hrs it just means you get to have bigger portions (always a good thing).

Calorie Surplus for muscle building

At the end of the day whether or not you can build muscle doesn't come down to how many foods you have, it comes down to whether or not you're in a calorie excessive, if you're training steadily and are in a calorie surplus you will get ripped so this implies that intermittent fasting and bodybuilding can work for you. It worked for Sergio Nubret and he or she ate only one meal a day. There are countless other success stories available from the likes of Mike Pilon, John Berardi, Matn Berkhan and the Hodgetwins that show significant muscle growth while intermittent fasting.

What works for you?

In saying that like everything it may or might not exactly be the best option for you, exactly what is important is that you find out if that is the case and don't dismiss it until you have at least experiment with it. The advantages of intermittent fasting are pretty amazing and combined with an effective training program and nourishment you can build muscle to bodybuilding standards. Provide it a shot and let me know how you get on.